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CR5 - Concrete Reality (USA) #5 Reach The Sky, NRSV, On The Rise, Suburban Crisis...
IK2 - Inside Knowledge Mag #2 One King Down, Born From Pain, Liar, No Innocent Victim
IAG4 - It's All Good #4 100% brutal hardcore zine
Fourth issue of our zine IT'S ALL GOOD features 20 pages with clean layout, cool bands profiles, news and reviews. This issue features Madball, H20, Five Minute Major, Krutch, Right 4 Life, Settle The Score, F-Minus and Cold As Life...
R7 - Resurreccion #7 Snapcase, NRSV, Gameface, As Friends Rust, Today Is The Day
Include a CD with NRSV, Inner Dam, Fasbreak, 7 Seconds, NJ Bloodline,Vitality, For The Love Of, Grade, The Great Deceiver, Himsa...