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BON01 - Bad Taste / Switch Stance
Limited white vinyl. Raw Metal-Oi!-Hardcore
TBD - Between The Lines S/T
Band from the Antwerp area. The music on this debut ep could be compared to early CroMags material
MB002 - Cloudburst Love... Lies... Bleeding
Recorded during a weekend on March 1999 near Toulouse. 1000 copies. Includes a 8 pages recycled paper booklet with illustrations, notes and lyrics. Cloudburst were a French Hardcore/screamo/ type of band from France.
NR001 - Kafka
This "Black out" ep released in November 1997 by this italian band contains 5 tracks of intense hardcore inspired in terms of sounds by Snapcase and Strife.
IRR012 - One Last Sin The Fall Of Darkness
Maybe the darkest ever produced stuff ! One Last Sin managed to create their own sound with a lot of death metal influences into extremely agressive NYHC. That's why they're labeled as deathcore, in the vein of All Out War, End Of One.
IRR004 - Subjugator S/T
Another band that was showing lotsa promises. Trash metal and hardcore mixed the right way. Think Biohazard meets Slayer or Powertrip for more recent band. Get the picture ? Be sure to get your hands on that goody.
FIRE06 - Thumbs Down S/T
The Belgian veterans of old-school hardcore music ! Cross SOIA with Gorilla Biscuits, good stuff.