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IRR016 - Wake Up Cold Deliver Me From Evil (2003)
Wake Up Cold became in only 2 albums a band impossible to miss, because of the energy released on the records and their impressive live shows. Blazing guitar riffs mix with pounding bass, intricate drumming and brutal vocals to create a new style that ranges from blazing metal fury to catchy undergroung singalong anthems ! An hybrid of East Coast hardcore and metal that should appeal to a wide range of kids while staying true to their roots ! The album is produced by Ken Olden (Battery, Damnation AD)... Heavy music at its best !
IRR015 - Fury Of Five Telling It Like It Is !!!!!! (2002)
A title track never have been more explicit than this one. This record capture the essence of what was FURY OF FIVE before they hit the world on tour and released 3 devastating full albums on labels like Gain Ground, Kingfisher or Victory Records. One of the hardest band ever, you'd better believe it. Here there's no gimmicks, no jokes just truth: FURY OF FIVE is 100% REAL. 16 minutes of intense electric execution. 4 tracks including 1 bonus song. All digitally remastered, new packaging.
IRR014 - Five Minute Major When It Ends (2000)
5 Minute Major comes from Astoria, Queens, in NY. The place that already gave us bands like Cold Front, Crown Of Thornz. Since people always need references I guess the band represent perfectly where they come from, the music is hit real hard but with great guitar melodies that make them special. That should give you an idea of the great band 5 Minute Major is.
IRR013 - Beneath The Remains / Underground Society / Face Down NJ / Knockoutz A 4-way split CD (1999)
4-way split CD that comes with the best from Europa and East Coast US. A really straight up brutal hardcore release featuring brand new songs from these champs! Check them out now.
IRR012 - One Last Sin The Fall Of Darkness (1998)
Maybe the darkest ever produced stuff ! One Last Sin managed to create their own sound with a lot of death metal influences into extremely agressive NYHC. That's why they're labeled as deathcore, in the vein of All Out War, End Of One.
IRR004 - Subjugator S/T (1993)
Another band that was showing lotsa promises. Trash metal and hardcore mixed the right way. Think Biohazard meets Slayer or Powertrip for more recent band. Get the picture ? Be sure to get your hands on that goody.