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TDH0023 - Against The Grain Mentiroso
17 tracks of fast hardcore with cool mosh parts. This is the band that Rob Kabula of Agnostic Front created. The vocals are sarcastic, ballsy, and angry in the vein of if you mixed Kevin Seconds of 7 Seconds mixed with Ian Stuart of Skrewdriver mixed with a tough NY accent! Great pick-up for your HC collection. 2 tracks feat. Billy Milano and Roger Miret
TEMP13 - Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza Bats On The Dance
Hardcore Metal Band from Philadelphia Formed in 1997, and composed of around 13 or more members at a time that are notorious in the world of Hardcore for their extreme onstage antics
IRR013 - Beneath The Remains / Underground Society / Face Down NJ / Knockoutz A 4-way split CD
4-way split CD that comes with the best from Europa and East Coast US. A really straight up brutal hardcore release featuring brand new songs from these champs! Check them out now.
GSR003 - Born From Pain Reclaiming The Crown
It has been 15 years since Born from Pain's Reclaiming the Crown came out on cd. The first full length ever on GSR, and still, after all these years an absolute awesome record. Here is the original CD re-issued since then. Songs like Final Nail, Reclaiming the Crown and Immortality became classics and When We Were Kings, with guest vocals from Ross Length of Time, Brecht Crawlspace, Koen Full Court Press and Marijn Standard still causes insane mosh pits.
DW20 - Cursed One
Cursed are Canada's metallic monstrosity fronted by vocalist/lyricist Chris Colohan formely of The Swarm, Left For Dead, and Ruination. Their debut album, clocks in with 11 memorable songs. Each one as epic in scale and as sonically damaging as the next. Bringing to mind the most powerful qualities of Discharge, Venom, and Entombed into a Crushing metallic hardcore.
BLK5003E - Die Now vol II
Tracklist: H2O - Family Tree / Sweet Diesel - The Empire Strikes Back / Killing Time - Can't Get Around It / The Goops - Death Of A Junkie / Fur - Beautiful Wreck / Plow United - Sell Out / Tub- Hardcore Muscle And Fitness / The Turbo A.C.'s - Righteous Ruler / New Bomb Turks - American Soul Spiders / Awkward Thought - Evil / Gorilla Biscuits - Sitting Around At Home / Skin Kandy - The Coming Down / Sheer Terror - Ashes
DW221 - Embrace Today Soldiers
American straight edge metalcore hardcore punk band from Boston, Massachusetts. In their few years of existence Embrace Today evolved from a commendable youth crew hardcore inspired unit into one of the hardest hitting monsters in contemporary Boston hardcore. "Soldiers" was their first release on Deathwish. Recorded by Kurt Ballou, "Soldiers" is a full throttle hardcore album, burning with the pure discontent that the underground cultivates. They are often considered the heir apparent to Syracuse, Straight Edge juggernauts Earth Crisis.
IRR014 - Five Minute Major When It Ends
5 Minute Major comes from Astoria, Queens, in NY. The place that already gave us bands like Cold Front, Crown Of Thornz. Since people always need references I guess the band represent perfectly where they come from, the music is hit real hard but with great guitar melodies that make them special. That should give you an idea of the great band 5 Minute Major is.
IRR015 - Fury Of Five Telling It Like It Is !!!!!!
A title track never have been more explicit than this one. This record capture the essence of what was FURY OF FIVE before they hit the world on tour and released 3 devastating full albums on labels like Gain Ground, Kingfisher or Victory Records. One of the hardest band ever, you'd better believe it. Here there's no gimmicks, no jokes just truth: FURY OF FIVE is 100% REAL. 16 minutes of intense electric execution. 4 tracks including 1 bonus song. All digitally remastered, new packaging.
SCO01 - Implode S/T
Old school hardcore from New Jersey the way it was meant to be. Early Biohazard meets Sick of it All!
BUTT007 - Maypole Burning in water, drowning in flame
Fast, energetic hardcore from The Netherlands with two vocalists, both of whom yell/scream or sing in gruff voices that are pretty similar to one another. For fans of: GOOD RIDDANCE, PENNYWISE, BIOHAZARD and AGNOSTIC FRONT
OVER007 - Milligram Hello Motherfucker
Milligram possesses a sound instantly reminiscent of a more up-tempo Kyuss, yet substantially deeper than the legions of imitators that have sprung up in their wake. Milligram's depth lies in their inherent understanding of fuzzed-out, stripped-down rock'n'roll. And considering the pedigree of their line-up (members have served in Stompbox, Slapshot and Only Living Witness), this isn't that surprising. Lead by the phenomenal vocal talents of one Jonah Jenkins (Only Living Witness and Miltown), Milligram combines the fuzzy rock'n'roll with catchy choruses, Jenkins wailing, innumerable wah-drenched guitar solos and a simple reliance on the verse-chorus-verse aesthetic. Heavy 'stoner rock' in the vein of Kyuss, Fu Manchu and alikes
RPP00M016 - Misura/Sad Origin S/T
Sad Origin: influenced by NYHC and with lots of double bass, Sad Origin recorded 4 new songs in the vein of Fury of Five, Length of Time and Irate and those came out on RPP in August 2000 as a split cd with Misura from USA. Some Sad Origin members played after in Die My Demon. Misura is brutal than ever delivering 3 tracks with a sound very similar to Hatebreed. Great release by RPP!
AOV10 - Murphy's Law The Party's Over
ewest album for the NYHC veterans. 15 tracks of gritty punk music with serious pop appeal. And don't forget MURPHY'S LAW, it's always a fresh experience ! The Party's Over, the band's The Age Of Venus label debut, is one of the great efforts of 2002. Noted producer Daniel Rey (Ramones, Misfits, White Zombie) has created 15 tracks of gritty punk music with serious pop appeal. Nowhere is that sonic maturity more evident than on the album's radio-friendly first single "Vicky Crown," with its tight riffs and punchy choruses. Other standout cuts include the opening shred of "Maximum Lie," the Clash-style punk/reggae of "Walking Alone," and their faithful renditions of Simaryp's "Skinhead Girl," and Beer Nuts' "Woke Up Tied Up."
EDD20 - One King Down / Spirit Of Youth
H8000 Hardcore meets NY Hardcore! 6 awesome unreleased tracks! One King Down was a straight edge hardcore band from Albany, NY based metallic hardcore band that played heavy metalcore heavily influenced by such scene contemporaries as Snapcase, Morning Again and Earth Crisis. Spirit Of Youth: classic H8000 Hardcore in the 90s.
TBD - Payback S/T
TSB66602 - Scornless Into The Depths Of Loneliness
CD - 7 titres - TSB Records (1999) Good surprise. One of the better chaos metal act from France, real brutal and tight. Be curious !
CCP003 - Southpaw/Cash For Chaos S/T
Split old-school NYHC style ! 12 Track split album featuring 6 Tracks by each band - Southpaw: NY band playing old-school hardcore. Imagine a cross between Shutdown, Breakdown and Fit of Anger - Cash for chaos : brasilian hardcore band delivering here 6 tacks of old school hardcore style
EPI86586 - Straightfaced Pulling Teeth
Pulling Teeth successfully fuses metal's blistering heaviness with hardcore's desperate energy, anger, and angst. On their third full-length release, Straightfaced delivers a thundering bolt of hardcore/metal and once again push the sonic envelope to the limit. 12 teeth grinding tracks.
DIY006 - Sublevel / Striking Distance / Suburban Crisis / Double Crossed S/T
DOG027 - Transcend version 8.5
BEAT06 - Trapped In Life 12 Icons
TIL plays a mixture between hardcore and Slayersque metal and some death metal influences. If you're into brutal metalcore in the vein of Kickback with elements of Slayer, death metal and beatdown bands make sure to take a listen to this album...
IRR016 - Wake Up Cold Deliver Me From Evil
Wake Up Cold became in only 2 albums a band impossible to miss, because of the energy released on the records and their impressive live shows. Blazing guitar riffs mix with pounding bass, intricate drumming and brutal vocals to create a new style that ranges from blazing metal fury to catchy undergroung singalong anthems ! An hybrid of East Coast hardcore and metal that should appeal to a wide range of kids while staying true to their roots ! The album is produced by Ken Olden (Battery, Damnation AD)... Heavy music at its best !
GL088 - What Lies Within / Death Before Disco Split
Two rather new bands team up for this split. What Lies Within from California contributes 4 songs. Think of Boy Sets Fire meets Shai Hulud meets Strife. We think it's amazing. Belgium's Death Before Disco delivers 3 songs that will captivate you from the first to the last note. Mixing up Poison the Well, Converge, Deftones and even Muse, this band will be your new favorite band.